On March 20, 2021, my beautiful, powerful, insanely tough goddess of a wife gave birth to our son, Luka.

It's hard to find the right words to describe the experience, to share how I'm feeling, and what this beautiful human means to me.

Before I get started, I want to give my love and respect to every single woman that has ever gone through the birthing process.

You are a warrior, a goddess in the highest sense, without your courage, this world would come to a screeching halt. 

I see you, I love you, and I have a profound respect for all that you've gone through. I am deeply humbled by your gift, to bring life into this world, and the strength it takes to face the unknown with such grace.

To my wife, Sarah,

Witnessing you go through 36 hours of intense labor, was one of the most challenging experiences of my entire life. As a man, I want to fix the problem, figure out what's wrong and do everything in my power to make it better. I wanted nothing more than to take that pain away, to share the burden, to help alleviate the suffering. But, over the last couple years, through my own deep healing journey, I've learned that's not what is required. I've come to learn that the greatest gift one can offer the feminine is to hold space for her, to allow her to flow freely in her divine creativity, letting the untamed, wild goddess just BE herself, surrendering to her with an unshakable presence. So I did my absolute best to be there for you, in your process, to hold space, offering my love, support, and presence as best I could, allowing you to bring forth the gift of life and change my reality forever.

You are the strongest, most courageous woman I've ever met. The way you showed up to face the unknown was the single most defining moment of my entire life. I promise to be there for you through the weeks, months, and lifetimes to come, to support you in anyway you need, to allow you to be in your full expression of the goddess that you are. I offer you my presence, the greatest gift I have to give. You are more than deserving, there's nothing you ever have to earn or prove, you are an aspect of the divine, the creator of life, the source of all that is and I love you with every cell of my being! Thank you for showing up and giving birth to our beautiful baby boy. I am forever grateful.

Former NFL athlete Joe and Sarah Hawley son

To my son, Luka,

Your presence has shifted my entire reality in an instant. You are such a gift to this world. I've never felt more connected to the infinite nature of reality than when looking into your eyes. I now feel intimately intertwined in the web of life, connected to everything both past, present, and now, because of you, the future.

I promise to raise you with all of the love I have, to be present for you, supporting you, guiding you, sharing experience with you. I will do my best to treat you with the respect you deserve as the divine sovereign being that you are. I know I will make mistakes, I apologize in advance, but just know that everything I do, from this moment forward, will be with you in mind.

I know that the world, right now, is a bit of a mess, but I promise to show up in service in the way that I'm being called, in order to make this world a better place for you, and for all. I know, when the time comes, that you will be called to do the same, and I will give you every opportunity to step into your true divine power and serve the medicine that you came to gift to this world in your own way.

It's going to be one wild journey, that I have no doubt, and I'm so damn excited to have someone to bask in all of the incredible gifts that this amazing experience of life has to offer. No, it will not always be easy, but if you are able to come back to presence, and allow this beautiful gift to unfold before you, life will become magical, and you will be guided towards your wildest dreams, with me right by your side! Always remember to follow your heart little Luka, and you will never be led astray. The lessons will be plentiful, but that's okay, it's where the growth always occurs, just remember that you are an infinite being and to be present is to be love, and to be love is to simply BE.

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