White water rafting is an incredible adventure in itself, but if you’ve ever wanted to take the experience to the next level, check out Adrift, located in Utah.

This is exactly what I did with my beautiful partner, Sarah. We went on a 4 night, 44 mile, river rafting trip starting at the Gates of Lador on the Green River, in Colorado and ending in Utah. It was one of the most epic trips of my entire life.

Adrift’s River Wonder Grass rafting experience.  

The rafting excursion we chose is called River Wonder Grass, where we were accompanied by three AMAZING bluegrass musicians. They played while we camped each night, and they even played on the third day while floating down the river during a spot with no rapids. It was magical.

Of course, the trip didn't come without any challenges. The first day, as we drove 3 hours towards the launch site upriver, it began to snow. The temperature was teetering between 32 and 37 degrees. As we loaded up the boats for the long excursion downriver, I was unsure if I packed right for the occasion. I was expecting a nice sunny, warm experience. But nature had a different plan.

As we spent the first day on the boat, going over some pretty gnarly rapids, we all tried to stay dry (I was unsuccessful). Sitting in the front right of the boat, walls of water would shoot up and over the edge every time we hit a big wave. Mental toughness was the story of the first day. And the cool thing about that experience, with 35 people total on the trip, including the guests, guides, and musicians, nobody really complained. That's when I knew that this trip was going to be a great experience.

We got to camp the first night, unloaded the boats, set up our tents, and tried to warm up as much as we could. Colorado's statewide fire ban didn't make it easy. Everyone circled up, shared a bit about themselves and we listened to music for a couple of hours before cuddling up in our sleeping bags, praying for a warmer day.

group camp fire after rafting adventure

The epic adventure continues

The following day, as light began to illuminate our tent early in the morning, I was grateful to see rays of sun creeping around the red canyons that rose high above on both sides of the river. 

Being out in nature, uncomfortable and cold, really makes you appreciate the small things in life, like the glow of the sun in the morning, and the promise of a warmer day.

That warmer day was really something special. We started the morning off with a quick hike up to a ridge, overlooking the canyon and beautiful river below. The musicians brought their instruments, two guitars and a banjo, on the hike to play a few songs for us. 

One song in particular spoke straight to my soul and actually brought me to tears. It is called “Colorado,” written by Daniel Rodriguez. Check it out here.

A magical experience that goes beyond a simple rafting adventure

We loaded up the boats again and over the next 3 days we all connected on a deep level - with each other, with nature, and most importantly with ourselves. Something I think we all needed.

I find it so fascinating how easily I get lost in the stories created both individually and collectively on how to interact with this reality. And how something as simple as turning off my phone, disconnecting from the busyness of everyday life, and getting out in nature, can ground me back into the present moment and ease my mind of all the stress, anxiety, worry, and fear that starts to fill my mind. 

"We are nature, nature is us."

Every time I come home to this realization, I am washed clean. The question is: how can I embody this feeling more fully in my everyday life? Perspective, Presence, Gratitude, Love. And I guess it just takes a little patience and practice.

This rafting adventure was like none other. If you’re interested, I urge you to experience the magic for yourself. 

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