If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that big things happened in 2020. If you’re new here, welcome! And I’d like to share a bit of what I’ve been working on.

The Härt Collective

I launched my new community, The Härt Collective, just a few short months ago. Which feels really good. The Härt Collective is an exclusive community for former male professional athletes.  I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from the guys in the community. It’s beautiful to see these men coming together in support of each other and sharing this experience of community and brotherhood outside of the game. I've been working on this project for over a year and to see if finally manifesting into reality is truly something special.

As an entrepreneur, it is always easy to look past these seemingly simple steps and look onto the next goal or milestone. But, thanks to my beautiful wife, Sarah, who has been an entrepreneur for the better part of 17 years, she reminded me of the importance of slowing down and celebrating these achievements properly. I'm really proud of myself and how far I've come and I know that this vision is just getting started. We celebrated by going out to dinner and honoring this amazing milestone.

My Podcasts

I've also been putting a lot of energy into booking and recording new episodes for my podcasts. I'm really enjoying this form of content creation and I believe that these conversations are going to add a ton of value to those that listen. If you haven't checked them out, read on and click on the links below.

Life Beyond The Game

I bring on former professional athletes to share about their journey transitioning out of athletics. This process comes with a lot of unique challenges and it's been really cool to see how many athletes face the such similar situations. This podcast provides a perspective of these guys’ stories that aren't normally talked about. I've had some pretty amazing guests on so far like, Kyle Kingsbury (a former UFC Fighter), and two fellow centers who played a long time in the league, Eric Wood (Buffalo Bills), and Nick Hardwick (San Diego Chargers). They have some pretty epic stories.

Quantum Coffee 

I've really enjoyed the format of this podcast. I bring on a wide range of guests to discuss their perspectives on some of the unanswerable questions of the universe like why we are all here, how we came to be, and what happens when we die. Some of these conversations will blow your mind.

NFL Joe Hawley and dog Freedom in Men's Health Feature

My Book

I’ve been on the journey of writing my book for a while now and it’s been one of the most challenging and eye-opening experiences. Writing requires diving deeper into yourself and learning about your stories and truths. Although it’s been a challenge, it’s also been an amazing experience. To stay most up to date with my book and everything else I’m working on, sign up for my newsletter here.

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