What is it like to walk away from everything you’ve ever known, to say goodbye to the life you’ve been dreaming would make you happy? Leaving it all behind to pursue an unknown future... 

Maybe you were forced, losing a job or leaving a long term relationship. Maybe you were just ready for a change, knowing that there must be something better out there. Maybe you’re just answering the call, the faintest whisper, coming from deep within your heart...

I felt all of the above when I decided to walk away from my NFL career after 8 seasons while leaving a relationship that no longer served me. Deciding it was time for a change. It wasn’t smooth or easy, it was actually one of the toughest decisions of my entire life. 

But for those of us who are courageous enough to answer the call, the universe will guide you, if you find stillness, and listen. 

Every human goes through some sort of major transition in their lives, it’s inevitable. How we handle these massive shifts is entirely up to us...

Spiritual man experiencing life in faith
credit: Kimberly Mufferi Photography

Do we approach the unknown with fear, or do we approach it with OPENNESS, TRUST and FAITH? 

On my podcast, Quantum Coffee, one of the main questions I ask all of my guests is what’s the purpose of life - why are we all here? I’ve gotten a wide variety of answers. Which is beautiful and understandable. I mean, we all have our own unique subjective experience of this thing called life, so of course, we are going to have a wide variety of different reasons for being. 

But.. on the deepest level, really, what does it all mean - why are we here? 

In my experience, I believe it’s to learn, to grow, to have had the opportunity to BE. Basically, we are here for the experience. 

So what if we approached the unknown aspects of life with an openness like it was a call to adventure, an opportunity for us to learn, to grow, to experience something new. Wouldn’t that make it a lot more exciting? 

Changing the experience from fear to faith.

I always think back to all of the major transitions in my life and every single time, as I headed into the unknown, I was nervous, a bit scared, unsure about what was going to happen, but, looking back on it now, knowing how much I’ve grown from each one of those experiences, what an adventure they all actually were. 

"My experiences have built a deep trust in myself, in the universe, and in the adventure of life."

I know that whatever life has in store for me, although it might be challenging, or hard, or difficult, it’s going to teach me a profound lesson, and usually take me to places that are greater than anything I could have ever imagined for myself prior. 

Is transition scary? Yes, of course. Do we feel fear when heading into the unknown? No doubt. 

But, what if we trusted that this, right here, in this moment, is exactly what we need, in order to get where we are meant to be… wouldn’t that make the experience of life a little bit more amazing? 

Life is a GIFT. We have a choice to explore it with openness, trust, and love. Or not.. But, the choice is always up to you.