Sarah is nine months pregnant, and it's been a long journey. As we prepare for the birth of our son, I'm filled with a wide array of emotions.

It's a wild experience, knowing that my life is going to change in an instant, at any moment. But not know what that actual shift is going to feel like. The very lens in which I view reality will be altered forever but there is no way to predict what it will actually be like until it happens.

This is the ultimate act of surrender, and I'm just the man. Sarah is the one who is going to have to fully surrender into the actual experience of giving birth. She is the one doing the real work, and as the birth approaches, I've come to realize how, as a man, I need to show up during this experience. 

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I wrote this for Sarah just a few days ago and wanted to share it with all of you:

I don’t think there is any greater gift than being called to hold space during the ceremony of birth. It is the most powerful act in the entire universe, to embody the creator, the power to give life, and in that moment, be one with divinity, channeling the pure essence of the universe, to be both at one with, and entirely, God.

As a man, I’m not the one who is called to bring forth life. I’m not the one who has to grow another human inside my body. I have no idea what it is like to go through the pain, the struggle, the long nights, the discomfort. No, I will never know what it’s like to feel like my body is not my own, taken over to build another life. That is not my calling. But that doesn’t mean I’m void of any responsibility. Not at all.

My role is vitally important to the process. I’m here to support my woman, hold space for her, caress her, rub her, listen to her, and encourage her. When she feels overwhelmed, I remind her of how strong she is, how much she’s overcome in her life. When she feels frightened, I remind her that she is all powerful, divine, a goddess; what else would be able to create life? When she is crying, I lean over and rub her back, kiss her on the cheek and remind her of how much I love her. When she feels uncomfortable in her body, and starts to question how she is going to push a baby out of her, I remind her that to surrender is the greatest, most courageous act in the universe. And through all of it, I remind her that I will be right here by her side, holding the ceremonial container with strength, presence, and love. When she feels lost in the cosmos, unanchored or feeling like she won’t be able to do it, she can look over at me and know that she is not alone, that she is held by the universe through me. This is my promise to her. I am the gatekeeper, and this is my role.

As she opens the portal, and new life begins to emerge for the first time, I will be there to welcome our child with that same strength and presence, guiding him into a new world, letting him know that he is held, he is safe and he is loved.

This is the role of the masculine and feminine, and how, when fully embodied, God dances in divine harmony. The feminine, the creator, the life giver, the void in which life force springs, the pure act of surrender. And the masculine, the presence, the strength, the holder of space in which the energy of the universe is gifted, the gatekeeper. The all and the nothing, the void and the absolute, the alpha and the omega, coming together, to dance and to create.

This is how God makes itself known in the most profound of ways. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity, and responsibility, to witness my goddess in the most intimate moment of her life, of our lives. I will be here, right by her side, as she channels the energy of the cosmos, giving birth to our son, changing our entire reality in an instant.

This past year has truly been amazing and the birth of our son will be as well. f you want to hear more about how Sarah and I have navigated life over the last year, leading up to this incredible life-changing event, make sure you check out our new podcast Love ‘n Life

We love you all so much and appreciate the continued support through this wild journey of life!