It might feel easy to just throw 2020 in the trash but as we say goodbye to 2020 and look towards the promise of 2021, I urge you to take some time to simply reflect on the lessons that this year has provided.

For me, 2020 was a year of creativity, connection and transformation. My life has changed in so many profound ways, it's hard to quantify the growth, expansion and purpose I've embodied these past 12 months. And, as we move into 2021, I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity ahead for us all.

It might feel scary, the unknown always is, heading into a year with so much uncertainty. But now is the time for us to look at the collective narrative, understand where it is no longer serving us, and work towards telling a new story for ourselves, for humanity, for the future. One that's filled with Love, Compassion and Unity.

I have no idea what the future looks like but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a light, an anchor, a beacon of love, joy and compassion for those who need an example.

That's all we can really do right? Be the change we want to see in the world.

That's why my one-word intention for 2021 is EMBODY.
Joe Hawley and dog Freedom embodying compassion and love

Embodying love.

One of the best feelings in the world is unconditional love, love that is free of judgment. Embodying love goes beyond expressing love to our spouses and family. We can be that light of love for all - family, friends, strangers, and ourselves. We can do this by:

  • Being present. Show up fully with others and give them full attention and space to express themselves and tell their story. Presence heals.
  • Holding space for others. Allow others to process their feelings and interact with kindness, acceptance, compassion, and non-judgment as they work through the moment.
  • Practice gratitude. Going beyond simply saying “thank you.” Can you look at the world around you and be grateful for its beauty, for life, for the opportunities, the lessons, those who add value to your life? Gratitude is the foundation of embodying love.

Embodying compassion.

In order to show up as the compassionate person I want to see in the world, it’s important to reflect and understand how to best do that. I can do this by questioning: 

  • What are some of my own beliefs that get in the way of my ability to have compassion for others, to love fully, to create the life that I desire?
  • Am I willing to look at these beliefs and understand where they come from? 
  • Am I willing to release the beliefs that no longer serve me?

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