What a wild month February has been.

Austin, and most of central Texas, was slammed with a pretty wild ice storm, hitting the coldest temperatures in over 40 years. This left us with frozen pipes and no power.

Luckily my parents live 30 miles south and had rolling power outages, which was better than no power at all. We decided to drive down because Sarah and I, both entrepreneurs, can't build our business without WiFi.

But what a gift it has been, a beautiful reminder of the things I take for granted on a daily basis.  Things as simple as taking a show a shower, sitting in a heated room, making food with ease, and the internet - what would humanity do without the internet?

Our city has shut down, forcing people to line up for hours at the few places that are still open, just to get something that's foundational to our survival as food and water. And we aren’t the only ones who experienced this.

What a reminder of the comfortable lives we've created for ourselves and how quickly it can all be taken away.

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Reflect and Redirect

Over the last couple of weeks, my schedule has been filled with so many meetings, podcast interviews, and calls that I've become a bit overwhelmed. This led me to do an audit of my time management in order to create space for the things I really love and to not overload my schedule so that I'm on the edge of feeling burnt out.

With a baby on the way, this has been a priority. Still unsure how such a massive, life-changing event like bringing new life into this world is going to affect my schedule, I knew it was time to make a shift.

And this week was right on time, another reminder that I might not be in control of the weather but I'm in control of my time management.

At the start of this week, once again, I was swamped with back-to-back meetings and because of the weather, I was forced to reschedule a lot of them because of power and internet issues. And you know what, it felt good. I didn't allow myself to feel overwhelmed, I took the time and realized that I can create more space in my schedule like this more often. A simple reminder that I'm in control, I get to decide. Yes, there are going to be long days, and calls, and busy business stuff, but I'm the one in control of where I decide to put my energy.