Everyone likes to talk about all the problems in the world, there seems to be a lot of them, but I like to discuss how we plan on making the changes needed to shift the world for the better.

1. You’ve just got to believe in something

I like to ask people how they think we can change the world, in a real practical way. One of my close friends, Kyle Dow, offered me the most practical solution I've heard. He shared that it's not so important that we change the way people think or what they believe. It really doesn't matter all that much, as long as they believe in something greater than themselves. Now, unless you are an atheist, you believe in something (and I guess if you want to get technical, if you're atheist, you actually believe in something as well). 

The problem is people intellectualize their beliefs, they rarely have a felt experience of what it means to be a part of something greater than themselves. And of course, this is created by our collective disconnection from the natural world from which we came.

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2. An access to experience (and it’s something we ALL have)

Kyle shared a few different ways for us to have a felt experience, psychedelic experiences being one of them. But that's not accessible to everyone, and to be quite honest, probably isn't the best option for most. But he did say one thing that really spoke loudly to me - we can reconnect with nature. That's accessible to all. But it's got to be long enough to break our habitual patterns, to give us space from the stories of what our modern society says our lives should look like. 

Getting out in nature and reconnecting with what really matters is a way to have that felt experience, to something greater than ourselves, something that is truly divine.

Finding my church and experiencing divine connection

One of the many gifts that traveling the country for almost two years provided me is that I finally found my church, my connection to God. 

It was out in the wilderness, hiking through the backcountry, watching a sunset over the ocean, and scaling mountain peaks to reach a breathtaking view. That's what helped me connect to the experience of something larger than myself.

 It's something we can all use a little more of.. so if you are feeling a bit pent up, or disconnected from reality, get out in nature, it will change everything!