The Härt Collective is an exclusive community built for high-achieving, motivated former maleprofessional athletes who are focused on reaching their highest potential by finding purpose outside of athletics.

After leaving the NFL in 2017, Hawley realized the unique challenges that come from being a former pro athlete, such as the feeling of isolation and loss of purpose. Being surrounded by other high-performing, high-achieving athletes with a warrior mindset is an environment that he thrived in, and once the game was over, that environment went with it.

Access to a community of men who understand the unique challenges, share similar experiences, and who know what it takes to reach the top, was what he deeply desired to surround himself with. For this reason, in 2020 Joe set out to create a brotherhood of men who can connect, support, grow, and learn from one another in order to create an even more successful life for themselves after sports.

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